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5 Excellent iPad Apps for “Dr. Mom”

May 11th, 2010

With an iPad, Doctor Mom can do a lot more than just prescribe Pepto-Bismol and Flintstones vitamins to keep her family healthy. Apps that range from helpful reminders of health appointments to apps that can diagnose common ailments mean that Mom has an entire arsenal of medical knowledge at her fingertips.

  1. My Health Records – This app keeps track of medical records for you and your family, reminds you of appointments, keeps track of prescriptions and stores important medical documents. You can lose paper health records, so make them easy to find by storing them in your iPad.
  2. Visual Dx Mobile – A huge database of high-resolution images that will help you figure out what kind of dermatologic disease (rash) you’re dealing with. Find out if that mole is a freckle or sign of cancer; whether that bug bite is from a lime-disease carrying tick or just a flea.
  3. 5 Minute Clinical Consult – When you need to diagnose fast, this app will allow you to search through the 715 most common medical conditions, their treatments, symptoms, follow-ups, and medications. When your kid comes home with a fever of 102, is it time to put him to bed with some Advil, or take him to be tested for Swine Flu? You’ll know in 5 minutes.
  4. Writing Pad – When you go to the doctor’s office, you probably want to take notes, or come in prepared with a list of questions to ask. Writing Pad on the iPad allows you to write questions and answers on the iPad just like it was a pad of paper, except all the information will be stored digitally which makes it easy to find and refer to again.
  5. iHomeopathy – This was named “Best iPhone Apps for Parents” by Parents Magazine, and it works on your iPad too. iHomeopathy is a guide for treating first-aid emergencies, allergies, bug bites, and common ailments with natural remedies, many of which you can find in your cupboard.