What’s the Average Salary With a CNA Degree/Certificate?

When it comes to following the career path of a nurse, as much as we will look to work within this job role for the love of the job, we will also often be tempted by the kind of salary we can hope to gain. Nursing is one of the largest workforces within the field of medicine and with many different departments and levels in which a nurse can work to, the salaries which a qualified nurse can expect can vary. In order to begin a career in nursing, one will need to train up and complete an exam in order to obtain a degree or certificate which will allow them to begin their career within nursing.

A Certified Nurse Assistant, or CNA is often seen as an entry-level position which will allow for a long-term journey into their desired nursing career. However, many often find that this is an exceptionally rewarding job role and so many will choose to stay within their role as a CNA rather than train to a higher level. However, regardless of whether you are looking to train to be a CNA to stay within the role or work into a higher leveled role, this position will provide you with a great deal of skills and knowledge which will help you throughout your career within the medical profession. Typical duties will include observing patients, caring for the personal hygiene of patients, monitoring and keeping reports of stats, helping with meals and feeding when required and helping to transport patients around the hospital should they require tests, etc. However, as an initial job role, a CNA will find that their time spent with patients may be limited. This is why in order for a role as a CNA to become a career, the nurse in question will require obtaining some higher education. This will not only help develop the nurses’ knowledge, but is also the best way in which to gain a higher level of pay as a CNA who does not look to gain higher education qualification will need to be within their role for four years or more in order to gain higher wages.

When it comes to the typical salary of a CNA, this is dependent on how much the nurse in question is willing to work. A typical shift will last around 7.5 hours, with 1 hour free for a break. In order to earn more income, a Certified Nurse Assistant can work a double shift. Due to the lack of medical knowledge needed however, a CNA will be paid around $9.50-12.00 an hour, with those who stick within the role for over twenty years seeing their wage rise to between $12.00-15.00 an hour. However, it is important to be aware that this wage can change depending on the department in which you work and also the state in which you are employed within. Whilst working within the role of a CNA however, it is worth obtaining more certifications in order to not only speed along the process of working up your career ladder, but also to see your income increase as you become more qualified.

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